A.I.R. Showcase 17.7. – Pocket Preacher

After 3 months of residence at Westbahnstudios, Mandy Mozart is showcasing their progress on the artwork “Pocket Preacher,” which consists of a music album for choir and electronics, a graphic novel, an art film, and an immersive live performance.

“Pocket Preacher – Awakening,” the first edition on preview, is an audiovisual journey of a pope-like figure who realizes they are merely a trapped computer game character inside a game played by god-like cats. Through poems told in music, video, and performance, Mandy Mozart, who embodies the pope-like figure, sets out to escape the evil demon who is hunting them. In this first studio album by Mandy Mozart, a patriarchal figure tries to convey to the choir (Vienna Struggle Drone Choir) and their parish the dilemma they face, while the addressed are well aware and merely comment and counterpoint the pope-like figure’s failing exorcism with vocal drones and soothing choruses. ZHKM layers recordings of electronic, brass, and organ drones on top of massive dub-style bass drums and nervous high-pitched percussions. Together with Mandy Mozart, they programmed custom software which turns vibes into scoring material in real-time, thus expanding the two-dimensional realm of traditional and modern scoring and blurring the line between content and creation! Monique Fessl will kick off the evening with a brand new organ composition called “Modulate and Commit I”.

Join us on a sonic trip rooted in the history of choir music, techno clubs, and the transhumanism of hyperpop and internet vibes culture, which literally melts any genre and media boundaries. A new religion is on the rise!

Live appearances by Vienna Struggle Drone Choir & ZHKM & Monique Fessl VSDC members: Julia Edthofer, Johanna Edthofer, Buenoventura, Kerstin Hruza, Pavel Naydenov, Nina Fuchs, Lena Kauer, Joey, Wolfram Leitner, Thu Trang Ha

Additional fundamental contributions to the artwork by: Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Thomas Dalby, Una Ryu, Lukas Rehm, Tatjana Stürmer, Natasha Moreno, Pavel Naydenov, Brian Lawlord, Paul Parking, Monsterfrau, Lisa Pulsatila, Christine Gnigler, Alexandra Feusi, Shin Hyo-Jin, Otto Oscar Hernandez, Monique Fessel

Capacity limited to 40 seats R.S.V.P.
We kindly ask to consider a 10 EUR donation at the door.

We ask you to leave us your favourite content and see how we integrate it instantly into our performance!



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