Equipment Liste

Rooms & Dimensions

Saal / Big Room, 90qm, daylight (can be darkened if needed)
Studio / Small Room, 35qm, daylight


High-End Studt-Audio System consisting of
2x 1210 MkII Tops
1x Subwoofer S 115 SP
1x Subwoofer S 115
2x S 1010 SP Tops
Available Instruments :
1 Yamaha Grand Piano C2XPEH + seat
1 ADAMS BDV 36/22 Grand Cassa
1 Tubular bell tower
1 Drumset + seat (Bd, Sd, HH, Floor-Tom, 10’’ suspended Tom, 2 cymbal-stands)
1 Vintage Yamaha YC 25 D Combo Organ
1 M-Audio, MIDI/USB Keyboard, 88 Tasten
1 Roland JC-40 Jazzchorus Amp.
1 Allen & Heath ZED-10 – 4 Mic/Line Eingänge, 2 Dual Stereo Eingänge,
2 Allen Heath ZED-14 – 6 Mic/Line Eingänge, 4 dual Stereo Eingänge
1 Yamaha TF1 – 16 Channel Mixing Console
Video-System :
1 Projecta Elpro RF Electrol Motorleinwand 16:9, 320 x 174cm + remote control
1 Panasonic WUXGA PT-VMZ50 Laser Videoprojektor, 5000 lm + remote control
2x HDMI Cable, 10m
Connection to Projector via HDMI or Ethernet
We provide a wide selection of audio & power-cabels, di-boxes, mic-stands, chairs, note-stands,
keyboard-stands, etc.
We don’t provide any recording gear (preamps, microphones, soundcards, computer, etc.);
This needs to / can be rented separately.
Wifi and CAT-7 ethernet-ports & connections are available in all rooms.
It is possible to use Dante or other digital-protocols to transfer audio / video / etc.

For more information and inquiries, send an email to :